House portraits

Scottish country house. (Pencil)
23 x 15 cms


A Tudor manor house in Sussex. (Pencil)
40 x 17 cms


North Yorkshire village house that was once a pub. (Ink and watercolour)
37 x 15 cms



An East Suffolk house. (Pencil and watercolour) Summer 2000.
36 x 24 cms


Kentish manor house and oast house. (Sepia ink and wash on watercolour paper)
30 x 20 cms



House in Chrysaliniotissa St, Nicosia. (Pencil)

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Max Gate, Dorchester. Thomas Hardy's house from 1885 to his death in 1928. An architect by profession, he designed the house himself. The drawing was commissioned by Droffig Recordings for a CD of readings by Alan Bates of Hardy's poems recorded in January 1998, with music by the Mellstock Band.


Dyrham Park, Gloucestershire. The house was built by William Blathwayt (?1649-1717). This drawing was commissioned by Droffig Recordings for a harpsicord recital by Maggie Cole. Recorded in the Great Hall in September 1997.

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